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Human rights(人权 ) agreements require most governments to provide family planning and contraceptive information and services. These include the requirement to create a national plan for family planning services, remove laws that limit access to family planning, ensure that a wide variety of safe and effective birth control methods are available including emergency contraceptives, make sure there are appropriately trained healthcare providers and facilities at an affordable price, and create a process to review the programs implemented. If governments fail to do the above it may put them in breach of binding international treaty obligations.[136]
In 2010, the United Nations launched the Every Woman Every Child movement to assess the progress toward meeting women's contraceptive needs. The initiative has set a goal of increasing the number of users of modern birth control by 120 million women in the world's 69 poorest countries by the year 2020. Additionally, they aim to eradicate discrimination against girls and young women who seek contraceptives.[137][138]
江季璇 聯合國在2010年提出了Every Woman Every Child movement,推動符合女性避孕需求的相關政策及措施。此一計劃的目標是在2020年前使世界上最貧窮69個國家之中的1.2億女性,可以有更多人可以使用現代的避孕方式。此外,也希望可以消除對於想要避孕的女孩以及年輕女性的歧視。
(台灣知識種子計畫粉專 醫週譯小時支援前線活動 by Chris Cheng-Hui Chang)

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