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20160324 QA
黃瑞霖 Q: 如果今天有不會的單字要去哪裡查?如果國教院沒有提供相關的翻譯該怎麼辦?
A: 其實有些譯名上google搜尋可以找到,而那些字才是我們比較常用的單字,官方譯名其實反而不一定常用。我認為如果今天是翻譯文章,盡量使用官方譯名,因為那個可能會被引用,而且沒有快速閱讀的問題。但今天如果是字幕翻譯的話,我會希望使用一個簡潔且到位的譯名。像薈軒今天說的arbovirus,國教院給的名字是「節足動物攜帶性病毒」,這樣的翻譯固然精準,但很明顯並不適合放在字幕中。我建議使用「蟲媒病毒」來取代,或許並不那麼精確,但它是最好的選項。就我的經驗,學習選擇一個譯名是一個很棒的學習,而如果有人能夠糾正自己,那是更好的經驗。所以我建議同學遇到不會的單字,先自己尋找譯名,用引號框起來,我們會再做修正和解答。
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黃瑞霖 常見副作用包和惡心、嘔吐、腹瀉,以及疲憊。嚴重副作用則包含[[長QT症]]、{{le|心阻斷|Heart block}}、[[高脂血症]],以及肝臟問題。妊娠期間用藥目前顯示安全。本藥物屬於[[蛋白酶抑制劑]],可抑制{{le|HIV蛋白酶|HIV protease}}的作用[1]。
Saquinavir was first sold in 1995.[2] It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines(世界卫生组织基本药物标准清单), the most important medication needed in a basic health system.[3] As of 2015 it is not available as a generic medication(通用名药物) and is expensive.[4] The wholesale cost is about 4.50 USD per day.[5]
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  • Function 機能
The pudendal nerve has both motor and sensory functions. It does not carry parasympathetic fibers, but does carry sympathetic fibers.[9]:1738
Chris C 陰部神經具有運動及感覺二種機能,陰部神經有交感神經的神經纖維,沒有[[副交感神經]]的纖維[9]:1738。
The pudendal nerve supplies sensation to the penis in males and the clitoris in females, through the branches dorsal nerve of penis anddorsal nerve of clitoris. The posterior scrotum in males and the labia in females are also supplied, via the posterior scrotal nerves(males) or posterior labial nerves (females). The pudendal nerve is one of several nerves supplying sensation to these areas.[11]Branches also supply sensation to the anal canal.[6]:8 By providing sensation to the penis and the clitoris, the pudendal nerve is responsible for the afferent component of penile erection and clitoral erection.[12] :147 It is also responsible for ejaculation.[13]
Branches also innervate muscles of the perineum and pelvic floor; namely the bulbospongiosus and ischiocavernosus muscles,[11] thelevator ani muscle (including the Iliococcygeus, pubococcygeus, puborectalis and either pubovaginalis in females or pubourethralis in males),[10]:422[14] the external anal sphincter (via the inferior anal branch),[6]:7 and male or female external urethral sphincter.[10]:424–425
黃瑞霖 男性的陰部神經會分出{{le|陰莖背神經|dorsal nerve of penis}}支配[[陰莖]]的感覺,女性則會分出{{le|陰蒂背神經|dorsal nerve of clitoris}}支配[[陰蒂]]感覺[10]:422。
As it functions to innervate the External Urethral Sphincter it is responsible for the tone of the sphincter mediated via acetylcholine release. This means that during periods of increased acetylcholine release the skeletal muscle in the external urethral sphincter contracts, causing urinary retention. Whereas in periods of decreased acetylcholine release the skeletal muscle in the external urethral sphincter relaxes, allowing voiding of the bladder to occur.[15] (Clarification: Unlike the internal sphincter muscle, the external sphincter is made of skeletal muscle, therefore it is under voluntary control of the somatic nervous system.)
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